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MensajePublicado: Mar Dic 05, 2017 3:20 am    Asunto: Best opportunity for buying easy gold wow with $10 cash Responder citando

The president cheapest wow gold we just talk about we like to do a recap of the show so what did you think of today's show was there anything we Smith I would like to settle something like you I'm not lucky and I am here today it's. And I'm playful funny me catch you imagine my three best friends are around in the front and days and that's how can I clarified Ferris. Ravens said that call was sneaky. Paula objected to I think that one of your friends actually said it better when she called she Tiki. I missed a British term but the county sneaking is because for instance there was a moment we were performing on a microphone and nobody is watching you like morals and let me let alone I think you're like and what and what and like Mike. The I don't think he is negative I think it's neat he is cheeky. He now has an F I like that he's satisfied actually lemont unless I love an accurate I don't care about Eric at three isn't an air. OK let's talk about yeah. I was married to fidget like the there's a post on glad the Glamour Magazine web site that says that it's okay to be in a committed relationship but still is it okay to be a committed relationship and still be attracted. To someone else I think it you if you're not attracted to other people you don't have a pulse man I think you're always going to be faced the temptations. And might then before I divulge too much because I always give myself has we use so I. I today has shot up. No what I'm saying yeah I know seriously but he just shut up next today you said your religion kept the marriage to get our hearts hey Hart yeah. Nice honest. After that there are like. Thousands upon thousands of people were related to that was things I love you attribute to a question you can still be released the what if you spot eleven the person you have a spiritual basement he can get divorced I. Does seem lake lake happiness in commitment it shows your maturity to lake I. I'm not I'll only going to be committed to you. Win win. I'm attracted to your when you're doing the right thing commitment shows maturity and you're there for the long I'm just saying like humor times we could've thrown in the towel probably a thousand times. By the grace of god at least we stayed together I think what's important to add an issue without I've known to many parents in my life and in my friend's life we that's another we're not in it just for the clintons I love my hut somewhere stronger now than we Wear that. Some people say that for sure but at the same time some people stay with all due to the staying yeah I did to women talk a non some people's. And I think and then you say they. Tuck can't I'm. Ivan. Every. Ounce anyway some people stay together in the you know we're in love it's for religious. Reasons ending things of that and with their miserable on the inside they are physically ill and they say one wall you know I'm gonna going to helping and when I liked it got around to putting them. I'm gonna take my kids to consideration. But sometimes parents you have to realize the fighting that you do in Fran your kids are just as bad as he split up healthy it has not helped my get into that because when I got a divorce my daughter was shocked to grab the kid was shocked. Because we never argued so the kid didn't know where it was coming pat let me just and other is that you know why often talk about how you have marriage can get really boring monogamy is not mass. Especially when you're young after a while the kids and that that did dead have been teaming it's looking away. So it's very dangerous when you're young and you get married and people should remember that they sometimes I see him fight with her ex husband conserve very boisterous home and I could see. Let me remind me actually as we cannot allow house is now and now. I. Moody's had to cities that. I'm glad. Now you know there's a remake of an experiment an imam a little bit and my mom and dad fight supposedly my mom expected may not all the time I'm like the opposite of your daughter rivals like. Expecting them to get divorced. I'm Mike how do not get the word what I don't get it. But somehow there's some area uncle dining unite religious nick my father's death nice to bet that to get divorced. But they didn't do it even if you think it's better maybe then because of looking at them you know I wonder maybe is better like arguing pick on each other because you get it out like it's not bubbling under the surface it is she didn't yeah it's that it's an incentive behind the tone of the voice and the Atlanta another little word is a lot like you say to somebody and I united generous love I pointed this out before BUR I have slugger could go hung like a hamster you know I may ask. We did what no. That area I would say kind of visualize that I like that I'm flattered and hunky guy. After. OK it's not a topic we talk a lot about the pay gap for women Hollywood. You know we talk about that because there are always complaining actresses they don't make as much. But Kate Winslet says that she finds the topic don't is that because she's British yeah exactly what she's Christian she's edited the quote she said maybe it's because I'm British that you know talking about might hate us. In pub Oakland related to the reader interested talk it's great I don't I am now yeah. Understand why they're coming up but maybe it's British thing I don't like talking about Manny it's a bit vulgar is an I don't think it's a very nice conversation happened. Bliss public publicly at all and quite surprised by these conversations to on the simply because it means quite strange things to be discussing out in the open like that she continues time. But back I mean yeah that's what she said so what about it. I think it's a bit of British and I think squeaky wheel gets agree somebody you gotta stand up for yourself but I think it's the end for a lot of these women that. Are disputing the pay gap that's a job that your agent like is your agent supposed to know what everybody else I don't know in awarding Cohen was Bayesian isn't gonna make it dents on the gossip rags like Jennifer Lawrence you know and you might. When Jennifer Lawrence opens and out that it will be attention. Has heard Kate Winslet is concerned any shipments in the class and we know that. And I do think that there is a statement talking about money like I awfully that's what I've gone in for job interviews before I had people helping you with that. This thing that I hated most was asking how much are you gonna pay me what. It's such uncontrolled thing I think for a lot of women especially. Since may become a race class I know a lot how much is this pet ICI hate acting. And haven't happened how much you know I also believe that you can talk about money down from New York come from Brooklyn you know how much rent to you pay homage to their academic how to study may come as depicted address people's say did I got a lot of yacht seizure talk like that need it now like me I know but that's part of being maybe in new York and may be nice not a real estate market is different than like I you know I tiger on the sale like a sweater on like four dollars island and port aren't currently and tell them that I got an on sale but. Asking for money in work situation to me it's tough it's uncomfortable and then if you don't like you're getting paid an unwritten tasks related to say this is something for all women to keep in mind you they say the re. And so when how and where fly million deal might be an anomaly I know my words but but when we asked for that we're not asking for the same amount as the bell has been as army counterparts amid we need to value and no aren't worth a look at that whole thing with Mika Brzezinski she's doing I no longer gadgets and but I do not know their value and ask for the money I meant to I think women do know their words and then they tried to get shot down well he's still keeps you have to keep track and that's even cold air and gasoline and Jason have there own take on the upcoming movie based on the popular game. Candy crash takes. That are dying I realize. Hi the hype that. Are you paying attention. This levels really hard out as soon. There's something I should've told you don't look kitco. Body. I used to finally next season. So high yeah. Yeah. And I Levenson have. It's like cutting my other than it lets solidly in Macon on stage and something in London so bring it up on the daily if not and whether it's a waste and now. Yeah I'll bring we're going to have chromium mean phenomenal yeah. Anyways I. That's it cubic handicrafts and infineon and I just illegally taking by the way he's really hot and I am not at Atlanta two and three and four and girl and six I don't alternate slate candy gradually during the show why did Lewis feel so strongly about can't express comes why do some that was a really bad analysis and I'm not gonna sit. Allowed I don't know why do women love con Torre. It's just not merely a ballot question why do women like console I love hot player like CNET and how could have mob. OK yeah. Depression have really limber fingers some really is something you can pick up and you can do for five minutes is cathartic you don't have to be attached to and I. But it doesn't happen it like an hour long toilet situation. Kigali and violent you bring your high fat and people are worried about. They ask you something that's what this shows Colombo the gets it. So that's not what does it say I am I mean my glasses. You know plaque I have to get my glasses but really enjoyed this very constantly girls yet it is very did you.
This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.
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